Mission / Vison / Values

The Mission

Empower women to try new things and to never give up!

Discover a variety of ways to loose weight, have fun, feel good and sexy. 

The Vision

To improve the lives of thousands of Mothers worldwide.

By improving their health and wellbeing, through a variety of fun ways, Mothers will feel good in their own skin. Rippling onto their families and the people around them, bringing a new mum-life community together, and reducing post natal depression for years to come.


Honesty / Integrity / Respect /Compassion / Flexibility / Courage / Health / Perseverance / Customer experience


From me to you…

Motherhood By Design’ has been carefully created for mothers seeking information, connection and inspiration on their mothering journey. Motherhood By Design empowers women to live a happier healthier life no matter what stage they are in on their Mothering Journey.

It’s important to remember to never give up! Discover a variety of ways to loose weight and feel fit and healthy. You are able to learn about nutrition, foods, exercise, bonding and mindful tips in a supporting environment, along with learning your unique mothering style.

I was inspired to create this space to help you better understand and embrace your unique mothering design and free yourself from the ever present confusion, judgement and comparisons, we mothers deal with everyday.

If your struggling with;

  • The unexpected load
  • An inability to practice self care
  • Feeling overwhelmed with confusing and conflicting information
  • Comparing yourself to other mothers
  • Wanting to look good – (loose weight / tone up / feel fit / sexy / strong / improve skin…)
  • Wanting to impress and/or give yourself permission?

You have come to the right place.

I’m sure you can agree we all have something we want to work on! Including myself!

I have spent many years helping women loose weight through a variety of ways like weight training, circuits, bootcamp, TRX, Boxing, Pellers, Kettle bells ect… However I ended up getting bored with that, and making excuses not to go! My favourite by far is currently Zumba!! Oh yes!!! Zumba!!! I’ve found the exercise for me, that I love, gets me out of bed, gets me out of the house, gets me moving, laughing, and keeps me wanting more.

The point is, you have to find what you enjoy! And this platform allows you to access a variety of things that I have tried and tested for over 10 years with my clients and got great results with. Some things you’ll like and others “not so much” and thats ok! I urge you to find your thing! There are many activities and sports out there! I even tried pole Fit (pole dancing) at one stage.

So, I invite you come onboard, and find that thing, that works for you!!! 


Why the quiz?...

Despite my years as a personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor and countless hours spent on all the recommended parenting resources available, I was still stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed and filled with self criticism and comparisons. The door to the mothering journey I craved, just wouldn’t open.

Being the kind of person who had never been able to give up on a challenge, especially one impacting my health and happiness, I knew I had to look further.  After many years of searching for the answers in the fields of psychology, behavioural sciences, nutrition, parenting and neuroscience, I finally discovered the key to what I was missing and ‘Motherhood By Design’ was born. 

Buried under the mountain of all my research, I discovered that the key to the mothering journey I craved, was understanding that there wasn’t a right way to mother but rather a right way for me. Hidden in all the data I discovered in fact there are 8 unique mothering designs. Suddenly all those years I had spent in confusion, frustration and comparison evaporated. I wasn’t doing mothering wrong. I have a unique mothering design, and so do you.

What I now know, is that by understanding which of these 8 mothering designs you are, and by implementing the right information tailored just for your strengths and challenges, you no longer have to endure the mothering journey, but can truly embrace and enjoy this beautiful and fleeting time in you and your child’s life.

Each of our 8 Mother Designs is unique in how they experience the mothering journey.

  • We each find our flow and genius in unique ways.
  • We are stressed and overwhelmed by specific aspects of mothering.
  • We connect with our children and significant others in distinctive ways.
  • We have specific requirements to rest, recharge and reconnect to ourselves.
  • We need support and guidance to be delivered in the right way to truly feel the benefits



Founder: Amanda Skoczek

As a young child and teenager, I grew up with dance for over 15 years. I went to UNI and did my Associate Degree in Dance.  It was there that my previous hip injury was aggravated, making further injury to my left leg and foot, and then had to pursue a different avenue. I decided to help people to prevent injuries, and live a healthy active life. I completed my Personal Training first, and after working in a gym, I decided to go out on my own, and loved it! In that time I have completed various certificates in the fitness industry, competing in figure competitions (placing 4th Qld and 5th Universe) and as well as completing my Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Yoga teaching, level one Pranic Healing and Zumba instructor.

After being pregnant and having two children, I have also learnt more about myself, and this experience and understanding I can pass on to others, which I didn’t have before. I have had success with many weight loss clients, and my passion is in women’s health, from pre-conception through to Motherhood. I have a wide range of expertise and I’m always expanding my knowledge.


After being in the health and fitness industry for quiet some time, and experiencing the headache of conflicting information, I decided to learn for myself and study nutrition. I wanted to use food and correct exercise as the source of healing and transformation, and be confident in what works for me and others, and why. I too have experienced the health and fitness rollercoaster ride, and it’s not fun! And, if you’re a Mother, you’ll know and agree that Motherhood has its whole other story as well. That’s why I encourage starting slowly and making sure that it is enjoyable for you, your lifestyle & family.

I specialise in women’s weight loss & post natal recovery. Through nutrition, yoga, personal training, mindset and step by step programs, you are able to improve your energy, stress and health concerns. Learn small steps to achieve better all round health, and a program that can be enjoyed by you and your family.

I am an active, bright and dedicated woman. I look forward to educating, supporting and coaching you through your journey.

If you have any further questions or about what I can do for you, please contact me 0412 957 225. 

‘We are in this together!’

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