Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pregnancy & Birth

Written by Amanda Skoczek

Coronavirus and pregnancy

COVID-19 & Pregnancy & Birth

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Pregnancy … What You Need To Know

It is understandable women are concern about the health of themselves and their unborn babies. Every Mother wants to be able to protect their babies, children and family the best way the know how, and to reduce the risks to exposure for their overall health and well being. Basic personal hygiene, staying away from those who are sick can reduce the risk, just like the flu. Taking further precautions if there are underlying health issues.

What we know so far about Coronavirus and pregnancy

Pregnancy does alter a woman’s immune system which does put her at a higher risk for complications if she catches a virus like the flu.  In addition, her risk for complications also increases if the pregnant woman has underlying or additional health issues. 

It is a precaution that women that are 28 weeks pregnant are not exposed to the virus, just like any other flus. It has been known that high fevers may alter the outcome, health and may increase the risk of birth defects of the unborn baby, if not treated with professional care.

Shedding light on Coronavirus and pregnancy

At this point there is no evidence that the Coronavirus can transmit to the unborn baby, and not found in the cord samples. Analysis of additional cases is necessary to determine if this remains true.

Transmission through breast milk

In limited case series reported to date, no evidence of virus has been found in the breast milk of women with COVID-19. It was not detected in the colostrum.

Even though it is known to be transmitted via close contact, it is advisable to continue breastfeeding over separating from our babies.

Next steps for managing Coronavirus if you are pregnant:

  • Hand washing regularly and frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
  • Avoidance of anyone who is coughing and sneezing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Social-distancing and reducing general community exposure
  • Early reporting and investigation of symptoms
  • Prompt access to appropriate treatment and supportive measures if infection is significant
  • Limit support person to one
  • If your partner has COVID-19, or is symptomatic, they should not accompany you to the hospital
  • Just like the flu, or someone being sick, avoid visitors that are sick around young babies, (especially under 1 year old) as there immune systems are still developing. Take care.
  • Strengthen your immune system with good quality nutrition, exercise, mindset exercises. Learn more with Motherhood By Designs Memberships. 

Anxiety & depression during pregnancy & the Covid-19 crisis

However, we must remain aware that pregnancy and parenting are associated with anxiety and depression and that the current environment will only exacerbate this risk for women, their partners and families.

Screening, diagnosis and management of perinatal anxiety and depression, substance misuse and domestic violence must continue and services must be supported. Seek advice and help from your health professional if you are concerned.

Additional Covid-19 & Pregnancy Links


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