Dance Fitness

“dance yourself into shape”

Dance Fitness for Exercise 

Yes! You can sweat, get out of breath, do a variety of moves, adapt moves to suit you, and you can feel your entire body workout as well as your smile! I am a true believer of enjoying what you do and enjoying exercise. There are so many options out there these days to improve your health and fitness! So go out and find the one that you love!

This is how I lost my weight, and felt fit and confident again!

If you cant get to an in-person class, there are now online/virtual classes with Amanda which are flexibile. You can either pay per class, or have it free along with any of the memberships with Motherhood By Design. 

“It’s easy to follow and hard to stop!”

Benefits with Dancing:

– Burn up to 500 Calories

– Loose weight

– Become Fit

– Reduce Cholesterol

– Fight Stress, depression and anxiety

– Become Stronger

– Become Confident

– Change your Life!

Zumba Class
Zumba Class

Happy Place Found!

I don’t know about you, but I got bored over the regular gym exercises and wanted to make exercise fun! Not only to loose weight, but also to do it more often, make new friends and improve my mental health!

In 2019, I struggled with the pain of old dance injuries & post-natal depression, and I thought that there was no way out of it, nor will I ever be happy again.

I remember feeling depressed & lonely, so I tried a few things like weights, exercise, yoga, pole fit, but none of it worked because…… I kept making excuses, I didn’t want to leave the house, and I didn’t find great enjoyment out of it.

Then I decided to go to a Female gym. I had heard about Zumba while asking around the members and staff of the different classes on offer, and what that brightly coloured group was waiting for class.

But honestly, I thought due to my previous injuries and mental health I wouldn’t be able to move well, or sustain coming along. Just another thing that will get interrupted either by myself or by my babies. Having tried all this other stuff, I thought I would give it a go.

I was not expecting what happened next…

After the first song I was hooked. I filled up with happiness and joy which I hadn’t felt in a long time. It put a smile on my face! Not only did I forget on how I moved, I was mesmerised by the teacher teaching, having such a great time and making us happy. I got out of my head at last. I managed to keep going while they had creche on as well. It made me so happy, that it got me out of the house, moving more, wanting more, and coming to class every week!

“No one mess with my Zumba class!”

As if feeling happy and moving the body more wasn’t enough, I also lost more weight and was feeling fit and like myself again.

This is why I’m so obsessed about Zumba, and Dancing for Fitness, because it helped me get out of that negative dark depression and into a routine having fun!

So, go and try a class and have some fun! I’ll meet you on the dance floor!

If you would like to know more about my story head to the blog page.

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