Finding Balance Can Be Hard…

Written by Amanda Skoczek

Everywhere we look, we are either told, and feel in life, we are to find balance, create balance, share balance, and teach balance. Finding balance in todays’ high-speed world, with high pressure, and high stress, can be hard. How are we able to find balance not just within ourselves, but in our work, fun, family, friends, time, finances, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and much, much more …

A lot of people are always searching for it, yet why can’t we find it?

As soon as we just stop, re-evaluate, we can make change. Even if it is a minor tweak of improvement, its improvement! I want to teach my children that it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. You can’t also be greedy and want all happy days, with no tears, it doesn’t work like that. Finding balance is a life long journey, and for me, it’s a continuous learning journey.

I’m sure you know when your unbalanced, your not stupid! It’s becoming aware of this state, and making your own checklist of events and emotions, which may lead you up to this negative mental state, feeling overloaded and even burnt out. 

We should also know that it can’t be all perfect days, “all ducks in a row”, but underneath the masks we carry, we know we must shed some tears along the way. I’d like to share with you the first 3 things, when someone asks me about “How to find Balance”? 

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Finding Balance can be hard… here are the top 3 tips!

1 – Starts with us, don’t ignore it or we can fall down.

2- Remember 50% good 50% shit – we are doing well, we are balanced. Lol.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, your doing an amazing job. Now we work on the transitions of the rollercoaster wave from good to shit, to be less emotional and disconnected from people and our life.

3- Goals are important! We are goal-oriented people. Everyday can be evaluated!

    Write everything down!!! (I constantly write things/ideas/goals down).

    And after each day, week, and month, re-evaluate, adapt and design your direction or plan.

(Yearly goal? 6-month goal? My 3-month goal? Monthly goal? Weekly goal? Today’s goal?)

“In this unpredictable world, we must learn to adapt and re-design our future”

Amanda Skoczek

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