Formula Feeding Your Baby?

Written by Amanda Skoczek

Newborn baby

Thinking of choosing to formula feed your baby?

How do we choose? 

We all know that breast is best, however some Mothers are unable to for many different reasons and choices. Mothers who make the choice to formula feed get frowned upon and sometimes feel embarrassed in what they are doing. Motherhood is a tough gig! Making the choice to formula feed is one thing, but then you have a massive variety of them, which one do we choose? 


Different types of Formula 

Most formulas are made from cow’s milk, goats milk or soy beans. There are specialised formulas for babies who are allergic to milk and soy proteins, and for babies who are premature or have low birth weight. Having a baby with digestive upset, sensitives, allergies or nervous system overload is one thing, however getting the baby to drink what you want is sometimes the most difficult and frustrating part. 

Milks not allowed

It’s been known, you should never give your baby cow’s milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, oat milk or soy milk before they are 12 months old. They do contain high proteins and and don’t have the correct nutrients in proportions, and may lead to digestive issues. 

Recommended Formula’s  

Below are some that have been reviewed by myself and other Mums. Always read the labels and ask questions if you are unsure. Always start with smaller doses, reading the labels, and take notice to any reactions and bowel habits. 

For more information on your journey from Fertility to Motherhood, go to Motherhood By Design Memberships. 

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                      PubMed – Breast is Best – the evidence

                     Breast is best for Babies

                     Harvard – WE shouldn’t demonize formula feeding 


“You are now entering a website which contains information about Infant Formulas. When it comes to babies, breastfeeding is best, and provides the ideal balanced diet and protection against illness. During pregnancy and after delivery, a mother’s diet should contain sufficient key nutrients. Professional guidance can be sought on diet and the preparation for and maintenance of breastfeeding. Infant formula is intended to replace breast-milk when mothers do not breastfeed. A decision not to breast-feed, or to introduce partial bottle-feeding, could reduce the supply of breast-milk. Once reduced, it is difficult to re-establish. Infant formula should be prepared and used as directed. Unnecessary or improper use, such as the use of unboiled water, unboiled bottles or incorrect dilution may present a health hazard. Social and financial implications, such as the preparation requirements and the cost of providing formula until 12 months of age, should be considered when choosing how to feed infants. Please understand that this information is supplied and linked to outside sources about formulas for informational and educational purposes.


Motherhood by Design is here to empower mothers to have healthier pregnancies, healthier babies and healthier lives, here on the Sunshine Coast. 

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