Getting ready for Pregnancy

Written by Amanda Skoczek

enhance your health

How to enhance your health before conception

Fertility & Conception

Deciding to have a baby can be exciting. You could be thinking “Do we really need to prepare for pregnancy?” The answer is “YES, it is very important!”. Choosing to have a child involves being both instinctive and having reason. Before trying to get pregnant, you and your partner should make sure you are both as healthy as you can be. There are multiple and natural ways to increase your chance of falling pregnant. There are every day factors that you must consider, to enhance your health before conception. 


How to enhance your health

Enhancing your health can be simple, and to not over think it. You are smarter than you think, especially when given 2 options. Sometimes you get overloaded on what to eat, and what not to eat. And everyone has their own opinion and belief. It simply just needs to be integrated as a whole; nutrition/foods, exercise, mindset, your relationships, lifestyle, and your unique Mothering Style to take into account.

It’s highly recommended to do a fertility cleanse and fertility eating for at least 3 months prior to conception. There are many known benefits and reasons for this. A Follow up with your GP and family history so your able to avoid potential risks during pregnancy, post natal, and beyond. Cleaning up the potential risks now, will give you and your baby the best chance for a thriving environment to grow and have a great start. The first 3 months of pregnancy, sometimes you are unaware of, and is the crucial part for the development of your baby. The placenta, heart, brain, spine, digestive system, nerve development and more.

There is more educational and support content that steps you through your fertility cleansing eating plan as a part of your “Planning for Pregnancy” membership at Motherhood By Design. 


Relationship Audit

It is important to take your time now, to see where you and your partner are at physically and emotionally. By following Motherhood By Design’s recommended questionnaires you will have a great blueprint of where you are both at and where you want to be.


Nutritional Management

Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats are essential for your care as well as your babies (Mayo, 2014). It is important to cut down to 1 coffee per day, and eliminate alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs. Improving & maintaining nutrition, exercise & reducing stress, will optimise body function, ready for conception.


Top tips:

Clinical findings

Causes of Female infertility have shown 40% ovulation disorders – ageing, diminished ovarian reserve, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, polycystic ovary syndrome; 30% Tubal factors, obstruction, tubal surgery; 15% Endometriosis; 10% other, uterine cervical factors, fibroids, poor cervical mucus (infection/smoking).

Causes of Male Infertility have shown 40-50% are unknown, 30-40% Primary Hypogonadism – testicular trauma, radiation, androgen insensitivity, medication, genetic defects; 10-20% Altered sperm transport; 1-2% other – infection, hormone imbalances, excessive heat, heavy metal toxicity, cigarette smoking, pesticide exposure. 



We have had out physical body checked out, now whats going on up in the brain?

There are a couple of ways to de-clutter and relax the mind. I’ve found that by working together with gentle massage or yoga postures, can not only be a great way of keeping your connection with each other, but has also been know to strengthen and boost fertility, and stimulate hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian connection, releasing the right hormones for ovulation and menstruation. By lowering the stress, anxiety, and depression in our life we can restore healthy hormonal balance.

Legs up the wall pose:

Restorative, relieving stress and tension.

For more information and step by step programs in planning for pregnancy and boosting fertility go to Motherhood By Design Memberships. 




Motherhood by design is here to support women and mothers through Postnatal and Postpartum Depression here on the Sunshine Coast. 

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