Which Unique Mothering Style Are You?

Which Mothering Style Are You? 

  1. Learn how to embrace and share your best qualities.
  2. A whole new way of relating as Mothers
  3. Embrace your unique way of Mothering and understand how to accept, optimise and become more resilient in our Motherhood.
  4. By having a deeper understanding of who we are, and how we manage our lives, helps us to uncover our unique abilities to shine.
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Keep up to date with the latest research about your parenting style, and how to become more resilient in your Motherhood.

(Click on each of the icons below to see what they represent.)
Lioness image - a type of parenting style

Protective Lioness

Strength – Assertiveness – Personal Power – Aggression – Reliable – Hard-working – Team Player – Perfectionist – Overly Responsible – High Thinker – Emotional

What does it mean to share the spirit of the Protective Lioness?

  • You have the essence of a relentless fighter in the face of challenges.
  • You show strength, courage and personal power.
  • You can be fiercely protective and can be aggressive in the right circumstances.
  • Your stubbornness can be used effectively in getting things done and showing your true personal power.
  • There is no second guessing,  and others know where you stand.
  • You show honesty and reliability in your group efforts.
  • As a Mother you are caring and reliable, and enjoy being involved in playgroup, community, and helping others in need.
  • You do however tend to complicate things by over thinking and analysing situations and decisions.
  • You tend to feel overly responsible reinforcing rules for yourself and family. You don’t like asking for help, and feel you have everything under control.
  • You like “all ducks to be in a row”, structured and planned, is the best way you work.
  • Its OK, to ask for help, it is not a weakness or failure.
  • Its best to ask along the way, before a burn out, either emotionally or physically.

About the Protective Lioness

  • Lionesses hunt together for food and raise the cubs together and may often nurse each other’s offspring.
  • Females remain playful when they are adults, as males do not.
  • Most of their play imitates behaviours that they will use as adults including stalking and fighting.
  • Play is important to cubs to learn adult skills as well as strong social bonds with their companions.
  • Lionesses will group together to protect their cubs with their life.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles:

Although this Mother is caring, reliable and involved others Mothers ‘beware’ of their other side. As the essence of this protective Lioness may lash out if you threaten / do her / kids / family wrong. She will protect them to her death.

  • In-common with: “Cherishing Octopus”, “Intuitive Wolf”
  • Least common with: “Connected Orangutan”, “Universal Swan”
Parenting Style - Connected Orangutan

Connected Orangutan

Forgiving – Compassion – Self Love – Heart Centred – Self-Acceptance – Cool – Calm – Collected – Inner wisdom – Awareness – Creative – Connection -Playful – High Feelings – Physical

What does it mean to share the spirit of the Connected Orangutan?

  • Women with the orangutan spirit know how to be themselves and seem cool, calm, and collected, even in times of stress and pressure.
  • They allow their inner wisdom to guide them in all things.
  • They have a powerful connection to nature, especially the trees, and seek out the outdoors as a form of rejuvenation when things get busy. 
  • As a mother, you find it comes naturally to you.
  • The highly intelligent orangutan is the ultimate do-it-yourself mom, has a strong connection with baby, pro baby-wearing and co-sleeping.
  • Children are number one and the centre of their universe.
  • You like to get involved in playtime, and are flexible with your rules and demands.
  • If you’re not working, you enjoy staying at home with the kids, and want to stay here as long as you can.

About Orangutan Mothers

  • Orangutan Mothers spends nearly all her life high up in the trees, where she builds a new nest every single night from branches and foliage.
  • She also never puts her babies down, generally nursing offspring until they reach the age or 6 or 7, for food and transport.
  • The females also come back to visit their Mother until the age 15-16.
  • They show a strong emotional bond with each other.

Getting Along With Other Parenting Styles

As your children are the centre of your universe, you hang around like minded Mothers, with same interests and best suited for your little ones.  Outside play and at playgrounds are best.  You are involved in their play sometimes, but also allow space at times which you always keep close and watch them play.

  • In-common with “Nurturing Dolphin” & “Universal Swan”
  • Least common with “Protective Lioness” “Transformational Butterfly”


Parenting Style - Cherising Octopus

Cherishing Octopus

Independent – Strong – Intelligent – Protective – Multi-Task – Observer – Medium Thinker – Emotional

What Does It Mean to Share The Spirit of the Cherishing Octopus?

  • This spirit has extremely powerful physic abilities, symbolising strong intuition, deep emotions, as resides in the depth of the ocean.
  • You have the ability to focus, are intelligent, have a talent and can manage complexity.
  • Ability to protect and defend yourself.
  • You have the ability to let things go and bounce back up soon after an unpleasant experience.
  • Ability to adapt to any situation. As the octopus remains mostly on the sea floor, you also feel grounded most of the time naturally.
  • You truly love being a Mother and constantly interact with your babies and children.
  • You tend to anticipate situations, and able to step in before anything unfolds.
  • You feel supported and able to adapt in situations.
  • As an Octopus has eight tentacles you are capable of doing multiple things at once – you have eight arms, right?
  • Feed your kids, make a costume, help with homework, answer an email, cook dinner, pay your bills within in an hour.

About The Cherishing Octopus

  • An Octopus lays 50,000 eggs at a time and stays close to them.
  • She will stave herself rather than leave her eggs, even by going to the lengths of digesting one of her own limbs.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles

As this creature lives in the depths of the ocean and is also very protective, your happy to be alone with you and your babies and family time, rather than out socialising with others.

  • In-common with “Intuitive Wolf”, Protective Lioness”
  • Least common with “Tolerant Jellyfish” & “Transformation Butterfly”
Nurturing Dolphin logo - type of parenting style

Nurturing Dolphin

Balance – Harmony – Instinctive – Intelligent – Playful – Inner Strength – Co-operation – Gentle – Love – Carer – 50/50 in Feeling & Thinking (emotional & physical)

What Does It Mean To Share The Spirit of the Nurturing Dolphin?

  • You trust your instincts and intuition rather than over thinking things.
  • You live peacefully and know how to have fun and experience true joy.
  • You have a higher intelligence, know your inner strength and how to balance life.
  • When it comes to Motherhood you have clear communication and are firm but flexible.
  • You show support over punishment and are nurturing forgiving.
  • You show happiness and pride of being a mother.
  • You also know that it takes a village/pod to help out when times get tough.
  • You also know how to have fun and play. Parents drive is nurturing child’s nature.

About Nurturing Dolphin Parenting Style

Mother Dolphins cares for her newborn by keeping it close to her.  They are taught how to catch their pray, stay out of danger and how to find their way home.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles

You enjoy the company with like-minded Mothers. You show balance of friendships and family time. As you have been there for other Mothers in need, you also have one or more that do the same in return.

  • In-common with “Connected Orangutan”, “Intuitive Wolf”
  • Least common with “Transformational Butterfly”, “Tolerant Jellyfish”

Intuitive Wolf - Type of parenting style

Intuitive Wolf

Deep connection and Expression of instincts – Sharp Intelligence – Loyal – Communicative – Desire for Freedom – low thinker – emotional

What Does It Mean To Share The Spirit of the  Intuitive Wolf?

  • The spirit of the wolf shows a deep connection with instincts and not afraid to express.
  • You may have a sharp intelligence and aware of your environment and the people around you.
  • You have strong communication skills, emotionally connected and show loyalty to your family.
  • The wolf also roams and has the desire of freedom and working within a social environment.
  • As a Mother you enjoy living life powerfully guided by your instincts.
  • You show your authentic self and expression of self.
  • You trust in yourself and keep your spirit alive in the way that best suits you.
  • You enjoy nature and the outdoors, and is where most of playtime happens.
  • You are protective and strong, and know when to allow space and distance for your children to learn.
  • You enjoy doing things your way which can sometime benefit or cause disturbances.

About Intuitive Wolf Parenting Style

  • Wolves show affection towards their mate.
  • She prepares for her cubs by preparing the Den like Nesting.
  • She may select other assistant/s from other female wolves in the pack, and the entire pack will support and nurture the puppies.
  • Gives birth, eats the placenta, very protective and highly instinctive.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles

You are very aware and instinctive to who you socialise with. You go with your gut feelings and keep it light.

You prefer to have friend acquaintances rather then best friends. Your family comes first, and know how to keep the spirit alive.

  • In-common with “Universal Swan”, “Nurturing Dolphin”, “Cherishing Octopus”.
  • Least common with  “Transformation Butterfly”
Universal Swan - types of parenting style

Universal Swan

Inner grace and Beauty – Intuitive – Spiritual – Transformation – Purity – Committed – Holistic – Medium Feeler – Physical

What Does It mean To Share The Spirit of the Universal Swan?

  • The essence of this spirit shows that you go with the flow, are intuitive, have inner grace and beauty, and realise your own true beauty.
  • Swans also represent harmony, joy, longevity, beauty, culture, art, true love, faith and show depth of the soul.
  • You move about your life expressing your spiritual awareness, acknowledging transformation, and sharing your peace, loyalty, commitment, innocence, purity, and elegance with the people you know.
  • You tend to develop long lasting bonds with those who you admire. Your life feels balanced most of the time.
  • As a Mother you go with your gut instincts, and allow your children to run free with boundaries and reason.
  • You are open to holistic approaches and methods, and like the outdoors.
  • You are unique and have particular ways in which to raise your children, including schooling choices.
  • You are balance most of the time between work and play, and when you feel it slightly unbalanced you rectify it quickly and without a fuss.
  • However, in times of unbalanced, watch out for self-doubt, jealously, and insecurity. Unfounded fears may arise. Express from your heart centre.

About Universal Swan Parenting Style

Swans first show true love with their mate, by only having one partner their entire life. If their partner dies, they could in fact die of heartbreak.

Swans stay with their parents for a year, they will join a flock at around 3 years of age. Swans are generally caring, attentive, and protective parents.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles

Most of the time you are with your family. You have a strong connection with your life long partner, and you would honestly rather be with them then out with friends socialising.

You seem to be the quiet one out of your group of friends, and also show elegance, grace and beauty in a natural manner.

Other Mothers who are loud and aggressive you tend to avoid, as they make you feel uncomfortable.

  • In-common with  “Connected Orangutan”, “Intuitive Wolf”,
  • Least common with  “Protective lioness” & “Cherishing Octopus”
Tolerant Jelly fish

Tolerant Jelly Fish

Flow – Faith – Inner Strength – Intention – Trust – Simplification – Transparency – Progressive – Accommodating – Low Feeling – Physical

What Does It Mean To Share The Spirit of the Tolerant Jellyfish?

  • Able to go with the flow.
  • Enjoy keeping things simple, and are able to tackle challenges quickly with minimal fuss and stress.
  • You know how to share the workload and trust the processes they involve themselves in and always come from a place of acceptance and faith.
  • Learn to reach out with love and affection and trust your heart for guidance.
  • You have little rules, expectations and are lenient.
  • You are permissive and sometimes un-involved with children, or show little interest in their activities.
  • When you go out, you prefer to go somewhere where the kids are entertained so you can sit back and have time to yourself.
  • However, you need to be mindful to ensure quality time is met.

About Tolerant Jellyfish

  • Jellyfish are mostly made up of 98% water, and have no brain and no heart.
  • They have gelatin like bodies with a nerve type net. When washed ashore some can evaporate in hours.
  • Some jellyfish may never die, they are immortal. Once the female jellyfish release the developed planulae into the water, there is no longer further care needed for their young.
  • They will float in the water for several days before landing on the bottom of the ocean and enter a new stage of development.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles

As you go with the flow and more relaxed than other Mothers, you find it challenging to get along with Mothers that are complete opposite of responsibly protective and have their babies close to them. You do like to spend time alone and to socialise with same type friends.

  • In-common with  “Universal Swan” , “Transformation Butterfly”
  • Least common with “Protective Lioness”, “Connected Orangutan”, “Cherishing Octopus”
Transformation Butterfly - Types of Parenting Style

Transformation Butterfly

Transformation – Endurance – Change – Hope – Life – Emotional Challenges – Transitioning – 50/50 – Equal feeling & thinking

What Does It Mean To Share The Spirit of the Transformation Butterfly?

  • Understand where you are at, and embrace the essence of change you are about to embark on.
  • Release your expectations and allow yourself to flow. Remember that we are all on a long journey of the soul.
  • As a result of this adventure, we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that will cause us to morph into ever-finer beings.
  • Ultimately, we are not at all the same as when we first started on the path.
  • Respect and let go of the old and welcome in the new. Once a caterpillar, then a beautiful butterfly.
  • As a Mother you tend to anticipate situations and events which are ahead. You feel unsettled when things change, and sometimes feel that there is no way out.
  • You feel you are struggling more than others day to day and most days are leaving you feel deflated, exhausted, feeling confused, challenged, overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely and perhaps even depressed.
  • This transition into Motherhood was a shock, however you are resilient and find different ways to manage and improve your day. The butterfly represents transformation.
  • You are transitioning through some challenges however new life will unfold in due time. It’s all about continuing on, the show must go on.
  • Learn how to manage and improve the heavy feelings of your life, and allow others to support you in these times of transition.

About Transformation Butterfly

Life style stages are short. Female butterflies die after they have laid all of their eggs. The females are ready to mate immediately after emerging from the pupa. They mate only once in a lifetime, laying about 100 eggs. If a female doesn’t mate immediately, she most likely never will, and then die of natural causes or predator attack. Transformation from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

Getting along with other Parenting Styles

As you are going through a transformation phase in your life, you find it challenging to express yourself during this time, and stay hidden for some time. As you process all new information and where to head, you will find your like-minded group for support. When you emerge, you share and help others. Unlocking and expressing your other ‘animal mother’ essence.

  • In-common with  “Tolerant Jellyfish”, “Protective Lioness”
  • Least common with  “Nurturing Dolphin”, “Cherishing Octopus”

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