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Educational Content

Specifically designed for women and Mothers to feel empowered; written & visual content, clinical & holistic approaches, reviews, recipes, factsheets, templates, programs, sustainable meal plans, exercise, yoga, audio, educational blogs, tips & more…


Feed and nourish your body… Understanding vitamins & minerals in food, to create optimal balance within the body, in different stages of your life. Includes great food tips & recipes which are healthy and for the family. 


Shape your body and mindset with explanations & demonstrations of different types of exercise, as well as plans suited to your stage of Mothering. Weight training, circuits, TRX, core strength & conditioning, yoga, stretching and New Dance Fitness. 

New Monthly Content

Ever evolving content to keep you up to date with the latest and newest content,  information & research, on exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and neuro science.


Calm your mind and feed your soul with education & demonstrations on different breathing techniques, meditation, movement and other strategies on how to detox and de-clutter the mind. 

Videos / Interviews

Videos which take you through step-by-step on your journey and programs, demonstrations, explanations, real life stories, interviews with other Mothers & health professionals in their field. 


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