Post Natal Membership

4th Trimester / Post Natal Pricing


Have a safe and healthy post natal recovery!


You may be feeling that you are ready for this baby to be evicted! This may be an exciting time for you, or you might be fearful of the unknown, or both. Amongst all of these emotions, I can not express enough the importance of preparing for your post natal recovery. In this membership you will learn the most important tips and information about your body, nutrition, exercise, and mindset, to reduce your risk of post natal depression, fatigue, and extreme exhaustion. Give yourself the self-care and self-love you deserve, and your family and newborn baby will thank-you for it.


Increase your energy & motivation.
Save frustration and confusion on what to do.
Know the best tips for Post-natal recovery 
Step by step guidance, and become the best Mum you can be.
Feel strong, fit and healthy.
Loose baby weight quickly & correctly.
Reduce Post Natal Depression and manageing baby blues.


  • Unlock (free transfer) when you are in your Third trimester, or afterwards. (1st year after birth)
  • In-depth 6-8 week step by step “Confident Trimester” program.
  • Learn about the importance of post natal recovery, bonding and healing
  • Best suited yoga and exercise for post natal recovery
  • Best Nutrition and supplementation for post natal recovery
  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping ideas
  • Meditation and breathing techniques, videos & demonstrations
  • How to clean up the home and use natural cleaning products
  • How to manage emotions, relationships and time to self
  • Educational, Post-natal related blogs
  • Videos and interviews with professionals on supporting your healing during post natal recovery
  • Reducing the risk of post natal depression and severity of baby blues.
  • Create your own ‘personal tool’ box or ‘Mumma’s Handbag’ of strategies for Motherhood.
  • Access to the Panic button – see below
  • Discount on Phone call support with individualised coaching sessions

What do you get with your membership?

  • Weekly educational Emails
  • Split Access in 3 phases in your selected stage of Mothering; info, videos, interviews, programs, templates, recipes, and more…
  • Have first access to the new and up and coming trends and content.
  • Access to the ‘Panic Button’
  • Access to a library and categorised blog list
  • Transfer with ease to other memberships
  • Downgrade to Free Membership, on your monthly billing.
  • Free Facebook Group
  • Members Facebook Group; with extra informational posts, videos, lives, interviews, once a month group live coaching sessions
  • Access to Zoom interviews and interact with speakers
  • 15% Discount on events, workshops, and individualised sessions
  • Cancel anytime (enjoy access until your next billing cycle)

Checklists & Content

Specially designed, 6-8 week in-depth “Confident Trimester” program. Getting ready for baby, recovery, healing, breastfeeding tips & concerns, & growth for baby. 


Education & Support

Step by step program with support to minimise Post Natal Depression, feeling lonely, isolated, stress & coping strategies. 


Events & Workshops

15% off workshops & events. Nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, style of Mothering workshops. Refer to the events page or facebook groups for updates. 



Written content, advice, meal plans & reviews. Factsheets on Post Natal & Newborn nutrition. Understand & learn what the important nutrients are for you & baby to recover, heal & grow. 


Post Natal Concerns

Understanding complications & concerns around breastfeeding, recovery, PND



Learn breathing techniques, meditation, & yoga poses for 4th Trimester & first year after birth. Understanding your mindset, how it may change, & what to look out for when start to feel down. 



Learn what exercises, stretches, yoga poses & flows are best suited for 4th Trimester & 1st year after baby. 


Videos / Interviews

Education & concerns in the post natal period. Watch what other Mothers have tried & tested. Learn about holistic health & approaches from professionals. 


New Monthly update

Consistent updating new information, with lates research & trends, Nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, motherhood tips, near science & more..