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‘Motherhood By Design’ is a carefully created online hub for ‘Mums to be’ and Mothers, wanting a healthy thriving baby and joyful self.
Be informed with educational content, motivated with specialised coaching, support and inspiration on all things planning for pregnancy, through to post natal recovery & your mothering journey. 

Fertility – Pregnancy – Post Natal Recovery – Motherhood

It is very important that all ‘Mums to be’ and partners plan for pregnancy correctly, so they set up a healthy environment to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Most women tend to focus on the pregnancy and then forget or don’t feel the need for post natal recovery education and support. After not preparing myself the first time around, going into complete shock and postnatal depression I fell hard and was extremely exhausted. Unable to return to work, I furthered my studies and professional development to find out the answers to my questions. Research shows that there are certain factors especially nutrition, exercise and mindful practices that can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, birth defects, emotional & behavioural issues, post natal depression and more.
As a member you’ll receive every single piece of advice and research that helped me along the way. Enjoy your specialised content including videos, interviews, exercises, nutrition, recipes, factsheets and more. The website is continually being updated to the latest trends, research and valuable information, along with catering to your Unique Style of Mothering.

Below are four of my step by step personally designed programs that worked for me in my journey.

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Fertility & Pre-conception

  • Are you ready to have a baby?
  • We provide information on planning for pregnancy.
  • Relationship Audit Worksheets.
  • Get your body ready with fertility cleansing and detox.
  • Fertility nutrition and exercise.
  • Factsheets, checklists, step-by-step program.
  • Healthy tips and advice to conceive.
  • Support Mum to be and Grow a healthy baby.
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  • Education for healthy body, mind, baby and YOU!
  • Getting prepared for pregnancy.
  • What YOU need to know in EACH trimester.
  • Ideas for nutrition and exercise for pregnancy.
  • Checklists, factsheets, videos and more.
  • Learn Strategies for your journey and new Motherhood.
  • Share and listen to real life stories and interviews.
  • Create and learn to be intuitive to your experience.
Writing a list about getting ready for pregnancy

4th Trimester

  • Unlock when you are in your Third trimester, or afterwards. (1st year after birth).
  • In-depth 6-8 week step by step “Confident Trimester” program. 
  • Learn about the importance of post-natal recovery, healing, bonding and growing baby.
  • Ideas and plans for nutrition and exercise 
  • How to reduce the risk of post natal depression and severity of baby blues.
  • Create your own ‘personal tool’ box or ‘Mumma’s Handbag’ of strategies for Motherhood.
Writing a list about getting ready for pregnancy


  • This can be unlocked when you are ready, start around your babies first birthday.
  • Motherhood program includes exercise & nutrition plans.
  • Videos and interviews to have you feeling confident. 
  • Stories from Mothers, advice, daily routines, struggles and wins.
  • Up to date in neuroscience and other alternative therapies.
  • Information to understand your Mothering style, and how to adapt and optimise your way of Mothering.

You’re invited to complete the “Unique Mothering Style” Quiz. Find out your best qualities and how to optimise and become more resilient in your Motherhood.

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Why join Motherhood by Design?

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Life is forever changing, and you can’t plan things, one day to the next, or even minute by minute, anything can happen. So if we are living in this unpredictable world, our best chances of moving with it, is to learn how to adapt the most graceful, less reactive way as possible.

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This website will be constantly updated and adding new and exciting topics, videos, interviews, and much much, more, to be able to co-inside with these conditions of unpredictable life situations.

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Step by Step

The step by step programs allows you to move through at your own pace as well as communicate with like-minded Mothers. It’s safe space to share your unique qualities and a space to let your light shine without judgement.

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Continuous Content

As the members grow, so will the content, groups, events and workshops. To be able to accommodate for new research, life situations and new experiences to share.

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard

Learning what style of Mother we are, helps us to understand certain situations, and not to be so hard on ourselves. As we are our own worse enemy at times.

Learning flexibility and ‘going with the flow’ is sometimes still a challenging one for me. It is important for us and our families that we learn to become intuitive in our decisions, so not only can we create more happiness, but also have an awareness and pass on how to create balance in each aspect of our lives.  

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Amanda the founder of Motherhood By Design

About Amanda & ‘MBD’

‘Motherhood By Design’ is a carefully created online hub for overwhelmed and frustrated mothers seeking support, information, connection and inspiration on their mothering journey.

I was inspired to create this space to help you better understand and embrace your unique mothering design and free yourself from the ever present confusion, judgements and comparisons, we mothers deal with everyday. To read more click below >> 


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The top 3 points in each stage of Motherhood

I believe that preparing for pregnancy and Motherhood is important. Here are some tips in ways to improve each stage, wellbeing and flow in your Motherhood Journey.

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Education & Support

Educating & supporting women through fertility, pre-conception, pregnancy, post-natal & Motherhood, in mind, body, baby and you.


Learn about you!

Learn your own unique natural flow and understand who you are, what style of Mother you are, through the spiritual essence of animals. What to embrace, and what to let go of. What to love, and what not to fight against. Understand where you fit in, and our best qualities to optimise our way of Mothering. (Quizz here)


Unlock the myths of motherhood

Unlocking the myths and masks of Motherhood. We hide ourselves well when necessary, and hide hidden truths about Fertility, Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, Post natal recovery and Motherhood. Why is it that we withhold information and our stories?



MOVE – NOURISH – MIND: Nutrition, exercise, personal training, yoga, varied programs, neuro science, experts, videos, links, recipes, interviews, real stories, mindset, mediation, natural healing, home remedies, recommendations, blog, fact sheets, sustainable meal plans.


Your journey

Through this membership platform, understand your journey with confidence, peace of mind and natural flow. Listen to those who uplift your spirits and share you same concerns.


Simplified process

I specialise in working with overthinking Mothers, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all the knowledge out there. I have put this together in a simplified way, which has been carefully constructed in a way each Mother can understand and use in life.


Don't overthink it

Type in your name, age, and at what stage you are at in your Motherhood journey. Releasing a bite size amount of information so you don’t feel bombarded and overwhelmed. (Bite more than you can chew) Too much information for the overthinking/over analysing Mother. Overly responsible Mother.

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